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Today I allowed a complete stranger to get the best out of me.  As I wrote that sentence I realized how terrible and ridiculous it sounds.  If I am going to allow anyone to upset me as much as I allowed it today, it might as well be someone whom I love.  But a stranger?  I was a fool arguing with another fool just because I felt I had something to prove, but the only people we should have anything to prove to should be ourselves and our family.  I allowed myself to get so angry that I completely forgot to think rationally, I don’t want to be that person.  Allowing our pride to take over only blinds us and taint us.  Remember to breathe and don’t ever engage with anyone who is only interacting with you with the purpose of arguing with you.  By arguing I only proved that I’m another crazy person in this crazy world.  Ignore unwanted behavior, just ignore it, and breathe.


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