New York City, Travel

Simple is good

I feel like I spend so much time thinking about the things that I want and I play out in my head how I’m going to achieve one thing and then the next and it almost never seems enough.  When does it stop? when are we supposed to truly be happy?  We spend our childhood wanting to be adults, once we are adults we spend our time thinking about how to make more money, or we spend our time wanting to buy a house, or wanting to get married, or wanting to have children.  Yet getting all of those things may bring some joy, but they also bring more responsibility and essentially more stress.

I am learning to appreciate the simplicity of my life, I like that my responsibilities are going to work and coming home to walk my dog and cook.  Once I’m done I get to do whatever I want, and it’s nice, it’s nice having few responsibilities.  It’s not to say I don’t one day want more, but at this time it is perfect.

Don’t rush things, don’t rush to grow up, enjoy the simplicity of life, enjoy the lack of responsibility.img_0482

NYC, 2013


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