Colombia, Travel

Even when it’s scary


This picture was taken in Monserrate, Bogota, Colombia during my first trip to Colombia since I had moved to the USA thirteen years prior.  I went with my sister and her boyfriend on this trip.  Since this was my first time going back in a long time I wanted to see everyone and everything I had missed for the last thirteen years.  One of the days during our trip my sister got sick and she and her boy friend left back to the hotel.  I had two options, stay alone and see things, or go to the hotel and not see things.  I decided to stay alone.

I went to the gold museum and waited outside for one of my cousins to come meet me.  While I waited I didn’t move at all, I was scared of getting lost, I was scared of getting robbed, I was scared of everything, but I didn’t want to go back to the hotel.  Later I took a taxi by myself to the other side of town so I could meet up with some friends.  The taxi driver drove through some questionable areas and shared information that only fed my fear.  Luckily I remembered my way around and was able to walk the rest of the way to my friend’s house.  I went alone and I was scared, but I managed to survive and had a great time.

Two years after this trip I traveled to the US East Coast for one month by myself, and a year after I went to Europe for two months by myself.  This upcoming summer I will be traveling to Asia by myself.  I am learning to be brave and to take risks.  If you want to do something you can’t rely on anyone to get it done, it’s nice to have people around to accomplish things with, but you can’t rely on them to do it.  So even when it’s scary, do it, have fun, enjoy, and grow.


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