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What’s your super power?


I mentioned in my previous post why I became a teacher and how I’ve felt about it.  I know there is nothing wrong with being a teacher.  Teaching is a beautiful job, it has allowed me to love and care for people in a way I never imagined I could, I influence the future, it is a great privilege and honor to get to be a part of that, but I haven’t always and still don’t always feel this way.

I see people around me, people I went to school with, people I grew up with, and many of them chose not to do much, but many others are still working on accomplishing great things, we are all still very young, none of us have made it, but I certainly notice the ones that are doing creative things.  I see their blogs, their accomplishments, and I look down on myself, I wonder if I’ve settled.  Should I not have given up?  Did I make a mistake?  But then I think about all the reasons why I quit doing what I was doing and I’m glad I quit.  I quit because my number one dream is to travel and I get to do that now and I didn’t before.

So now I am traveling, which is awesome, but I still feel bad sometimes about being a teacher.  Why?  I think I am afraid of how they may see me, do they think I am a loser, do they think they are better than I am because they didn’t give up?  I don’t know the answers, and these are thoughts that I struggle with often, but I am learning that it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter that society looks down on teachers, it doesn’t matter that anyone looks down on me because I don’t meet their expectations of what they think I should be (assuming people actually care), what I think of myself is the only thought that should really matter to me.

This is my second year teaching and I am allowing myself to embrace it and I am learning to love it.  And when I introduce myself and say I am a teacher, it may not be much, it is not rocket science, but it is special to me.  My job isn’t just teaching kids how to read or write, I influence my students in many other ways.  I get to be the reason why they laugh that day, I get to bring a little bit of joy to their life, and I teach them how to READ AND WRITE!!!! These things make me feel good about my job, I laugh with my students, we have dance parties, and we work hard, they teach me as much as I teach them and I love that about the job.

So if you ever feel sorry for me, DONT!  I am doing great! I get to travel the world and I am shaping our future, I am changing the world.  “I am a teacher, what’s your super power?” 😉



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