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Dream job


I don’t have a dream job, I like my job but is not what I dreamt about, I never had a dream job.  I changed my mind about what I wanted to be when I grew up a million times.  I wanted to be a flying agent, an artist, a million different types of doctor, a vet, an astronaut, a cinematographer, which is what I ended up going to school for, and many other things, but I became a teacher.

I’m not going to lie, becoming a teacher wasn’t an easy decision, I know how society looks down on teachers, “those who don’t do, teach,” and I felt that way.  I felt like a loser for becoming a teacher.  I was destined for great things, I went to film school and moved to LA to work in film, and now I am a teacher. (There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a teacher btw, and I will write more about this on a different post.)

I stopped pursuing cinematography because of many different reasons.   I love the art of cinematography, and I believe my photos are very cinematic, but there is so much more than just creating beautiful lighting and filming things, you have to pay your dues.  You have to be a PA first, and then something else, and later something else, you have to work miserable hours, you don’t know when your next job will come, it is not stable, and I wanted something more than being a cinematographer, I wanted to travel.  A cinematographer gets to travel, they get to go to beautiful locations to film, but how long till I am stable enough in my career to do this?  Is it worth it to pay all my dues when all I really want to do is travel?  So I realized that if I wanted to travel I needed a job that was going to give me that now, not eventually, so I became a teacher.

With teaching I get a lot of breaks, a lot of opportunities to travel.  There are so many times when I think about quitting, it’s not an easy job, but then I think of the alternative, more money, but only 2-3 weeks off a year for travel, not worth it to me.  Working a lot is worth it if you love what you do, but if you don’t, then working so much is not what I want.

So I am a teacher, I like it and I am learning to love it, and I get to take multiple trips a year to see this wonderful world we live in, that’s my dream job.



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