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I’ve realized that the blogs I actually enjoy reading are the ones in which the blogger is a little more vulnerable with the readers, I don’t just like reading about fashion or travel, I want it to be more personal.  So that is the direction in which I want to take this blog, which is why this blog is about me and the people I encounter around the globe.

So I am going to tell you a little bit more about me.  I have always struggled with insecurities of some sort, like I assume many other women do, and have heard my entire life that in our thirties we start feeling a lot more secure and confident, but have wondered how.

How is it that we all of a sudden feel more confident when the magical 3-O happens?  But I am realizing how and why it happens.  Our whole childhood and teen lives we think about what we want to be when we grow up, then we go to college and have dreams of great things, and then we start working, for some it takes longer than others to find the job we want, but it is in this time that we start making things happen.

For me is travel.  I’ve always said I wanted to go to all these different places, but it has taken a while because of my immigration status and because of career changes, but now it is finally starting to happen.

I said I wanted to see the northern lights and I booked a plane to Alaska and saw them, I wanted to travel Europe and did it, wanted to see Machu pichu and did that too.  I’ve traveled with people and I’ve traveled alone, I like traveling with people but will do it alone because I just want to travel.

So as these things have happened I’ve started to become proud of myself, I am actually doing what I said I was going to do, and this has allowed me to little by little become more confident.  I think women become more confident in their thirties because it is in this time that they realize what they are capable of.  It is in this time that we accomplish goals, and grow as humans, it takes time, confidence is something we build, not something we are born with.


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