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Nor forgotten


This is the second real blog I’ve had.  My previous blog was mostly about fashion, at first it was fun because the hope for it to grow was still fresh, but eventually I hated it.  I don’t like being in front of a camera, I didn’t like getting ready and asking people to take pictures of me, and I hated writing.  I like fashion, I have a fun, cool, creative style, I know about designers and fashion things, but I also don’t know a lot, and definitely don’t know enough to write about it on a daily even weekly basis, and after a while what more can I say about an outfit?

I was hesitant to let it go, I had it for a few years and didn’t want to quit, but it just didn’t bring me any joy.  Something I learned about blogging through my first blog is to not do it because you hope  to be like the next Chiara Ferragni (fashion blogger).  I mean… if you do, awesome! but if that’s what you want then you’re going to have to invest a lot of time on it, so make sure it is something you actually like doing.  When I realized this, I knew that investing so much time on something I didn’t enjoy at all wasn’t worth it.  So I quit.

I started this blog as soon as I cancelled the other one, but I didn’t write on it for a long time.  I wasn’t sure where I wanted to take it, or what I wanted to do with it.  Today I know that the purpose of this blog is purely to share my photos and thoughts with you.

There are also so many travel and photo bloggers out there that I’m not even going to attempt to compete with any of them.  I like traveling, I like taking pictures when I travel, and I want to give a little more meaning to some of the pictures I take so I share them here.   If I don’t share them here then they will stay in an external hard drive or FB and be forgotten, and these are photos I am proud of and I don’t want to forget them.


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