Colombia, Travel



These pictures were taken in Cartagena, Colombia summer 2013.  I am originally from Colombia, I was born in Bogota and lived there till I was 13 years old.  My entire family is Colombian so I have nothing but Colombian blood running through my veins.

This trip was the first time I visited Colombia after 13 years of living in the US.  I didn’t visit before because the visa that I was under didn’t allow me to leave the country.  After so many years of waiting my immigration status finally changed and I finally went back to this beautiful land.  I am from Bogota and had only visited Cartagena once before, I didn’t remember much of it, but this city definitely lived up to its expectations.

Cartagena is such a beautiful city, filled with cobblestone roads and colorful buildings, everywhere you turn is picture worthy.  Walking through the streets of Cartagena made me feel proud of being Colombian, I couldn’t believe that such a beautiful place was part of my amazing country.


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