Chicago, Travel

Someone say Chi City



These photos are from the first time I went to Chicago in September 2012.  Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of people from this trip.  Sometimes buildings are so devastatingly new to you that that’s all you take pictures of.

I had been to other cities before Chicago, but none of them were like Chicago.  There are so many building in this city and all of them so tall that in their own urban way they take your breath away, and no wonder that’s all I photographed.

But the Sears/Willis Tower and Hancock building are very much iconic “monuments” from this wonderful city, and like I said before, monuments represent people and culture.  I can’t say exactly how these building represent the culture, because Chicago has baseball, basketball, pizza, hotdogs, many different sub cultures, but I believe that the thing that unites them is these massive concrete buildings.



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