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This photo was taken in Isla Mujeres, Mexico in August 2011.  I mentioned before that it was during this trip that I started to discover how much I love taking pictures of people. I like going back to these pictures because it shows me how my style has changed or things to be aware of when I take pictures.  We can only grow if we make mistakes or try things.  I know this is very cliche thing to say, but it’s true.

For example, I’m into fashion, and some times I look at old pictures wearing certain outfits and wonder what the heck I was thinking when I chose to wear that, but I also remember what I was thinking, at the time I thought I was cool, I thought I was being different, creative, trying something new.  And although those old outfits are outfits I wouldn’t dare to wear again they are also the outfits that pushed me to try things and to develop the style that I currently have.

So some of these old photographs, that I’ll be sharing, may not be as good as some current ones, but it is through these photographs that I’ve learned about photography, it is through these photographs that I am developing a style, and I say developing because the growing is never over, so I am proud to share these old guys with you.  Hope you like them.


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