Alaska, Travel

The Aurora


I’m not sure that I can say there is anything cultural about the Aurora, I guess nature isn’t cultural, but sometimes it is iconic of a certain area and can in its own way represent culture.  However, the northern lights can be seen from several countries, you can even see different Auroras in different planets, so I don’t think they represent anyone or anything besides beauty and magic.

I had wanted to see the Aurora for a really long time and finally booked a trip to Alaska just for this purpose, and I am not satisfied, they must be seen more than once in a life time, next time I’ll pick a different area.  Seeing this wonder was truly magical, they somewhat sneak up on you.  I drove to a desolate area away from city lights and just waited for them to show themselves, and once they did I couldn’t feel any happier, they were nature magic.

This post has nothing to do with people or culture and I am sure you’ve seen way better Aurora photography, but I hope that this post inspires your wonder lust.


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