Morocco, Travel


I visited Morocco in 2010.  During this trip I brought a point and shoot of only 6 mp because of fear that my camera would be stolen, till this day I regret not bringing my camera.  I’ve realized that much of traveling is learning to be smart and safe, therefore, my love of photography shouldn’t be jeopardized by any fears.

Till this day Morocco remains to be my favorite country.  It is the only country in which I experienced the three stages of travel.  When I arrived I fell in love with everything about the country.  I loved how foreign it was from anything I had ever experienced, I loved the language, the food, the people, everything.  Later, I experienced culture shock, I started missing home, yet at the time I didn’t know I was experiencing this.  Eventually I assimilated and learned to value and understand this culture much more.

It’s been quite a few years, but what I remember the most is how loving and giving people are.  People in Morocco are willing to give everything they have,  to them materialistic things don’t hold the same value that they do for us back in the USA.  They don’t form attachments to anything other than actual human relationships.



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